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    Established in 1984, Guangzhou Tianyu Meter Industrial Co., Ltd., with two of its affiliated factories, specializes not only in metal weather stations, thermometers, hygrometers, barometers, barometer movements, but also in clock and watch accessories such as dials and pointers. With workshops of more than 8,000 square meters and offices of 600 square meters, there are over 500 employees in our company and our annual output value is over USD6,000,000.

    We offer the best OEM design plan with reasonable cost and produce the quality products to meet various markets. Mainly sold to Germany, Japan, Europe, the USA and Southeast Asia, our products are applicable to home decorations, hotels, schools, offices, laboratories, libraries, museums, archives, hospitals, warehouse and factories.

  Innovation and quality is the life of our company. We have fully implemented an advanced and perfect production management system. We insist on the spirit of "people first, market first and customer first" in our research and design practices. To meet the market demand, we have committed a series of product research and development, and introduced over 800 sets of production equipment and instrument including automatic lathe, gear machine, precision machine, high precision printing machine, cast machine, precision grinder, hard metal grinder, precision instrumentation lathe, CNC lathe, line cutting machine, instrumentation, standard light source, temperature and humidity inspection device, temperature control box, humidity control box, pressure test box, hardness device, and precision mapping projector. Our precision printing workshop is dustless.

 Our company has set up a research department and established a technical laboratory. We have over 30 professional technical experts. Our company has own 16 technology patents.

 The innovation, integrity and pragmatism are our consistent business principles. To provide quality products and services for you is our greatest pursuit and we hope that you will become our best partners in creating our common future!